Knife Set, VAVSEA 16 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set with Removable Knife Block, High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef Knife Sets for Kitchen with Wooden Block ,Sharpener Rod and Kitchen Shear


(726 customer reviews)
  • 专业厨刀套装:16件套刀套装,专为个性化厨房设计,满足厨房工具的所有需求。包括:8″厨师刀、8″面包刀、8″切片刀、7.3″原价刀、8″磨刀杆、5.3″厨房剪、5″实用刀、3.7″削皮刀、6″去骨刀、5″牛排刀 6 件套和木刀座。厨房的理想选择!
  • 优质:厨房用刀组由优质德国高碳不锈钢制成,精度和准确性。没有生锈、污渍或麻点!经过专业的锻造和抛光技术,刀片超锋利耐用,切割效果更精准。
  • 符合人体工学的手柄:每个菜刀手柄均采用 Pakka 木制成,具有抗腐蚀性。三个铆钉嵌入弯曲的手柄中以加强手柄,完美贴合手部以最大限度地控制并确保切割、切片、切碎和切碎时的舒适度。
  • 易于护理:带块的菜刀易于清洁且快速。为保护刀具的锋利度和光泽度,请勿在洗碗机中清洗刀具。洗手后立即清洁并擦干它们,以充分利用它们。
  • 实用驱动刀座套装:一套好的刀具意味着您可以在厨房里做任何事情,洋葱丁、西红柿切片、面包切碎和蔬菜切碎。送给新大学生、毕业生、新婚夫妇或任何第一次建立厨房的人的最佳礼物;对于那些熟悉厨房的人或刚刚学习探索的新手厨师来说,这是一个很好的组合。
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  • 专业厨刀套装:16件套刀套装,专为个性化厨房设计,满足厨房工具的所有需求。包括:8″厨师刀、8″面包刀、8″切片刀、7.3″原价刀、8″磨刀杆、5.3″厨房剪、5″实用刀、3.7″削皮刀、6″去骨刀、5″牛排刀 6 件套和木刀座。厨房的理想选择!
  • 优质:厨房用刀组由优质德国高碳不锈钢制成,精度和准确性。没有生锈、污渍或麻点!经过专业的锻造和抛光技术,刀片超锋利耐用,切割效果更精准。
  • 符合人体工学的手柄:每个菜刀手柄均采用 Pakka 木制成,具有抗腐蚀性。三个铆钉嵌入弯曲的手柄中以加强手柄,完美贴合手部以最大限度地控制并确保切割、切片、切碎和切碎时的舒适度。
  • 易于护理:带块的菜刀易于清洁且快速。为保护刀具的锋利度和光泽度,请勿在洗碗机中清洗刀具。洗手后立即清洁并擦干它们,以充分利用它们。
  • 实用驱动刀座套装:一套好的刀具意味着您可以在厨房里做任何事情,洋葱丁、西红柿切片、面包切碎和蔬菜切碎。送给新大学生、毕业生、新婚夫妇或任何第一次建立厨房的人的最佳礼物;对于那些熟悉厨房的人或刚刚学习探索的新手厨师来说,这是一个很好的组合。 

726 reviews for Knife Set, VAVSEA 16 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set with Removable Knife Block, High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef Knife Sets for Kitchen with Wooden Block ,Sharpener Rod and Kitchen Shear

  1. ognjen djukanovic

    10 stars

  2. Customer

    The family use this knife to carve the Christmas roast beef. There was no problem to cut in different types of meats but be aware it’s sharp to cut yourself by accident. I did and it hurts.

  3. Customer

    Good knife for the price. Loses its sharpness after a couple of uses.

  4. paintman77

    Like mine so well I got one for Daughter and her Husband

  5. Paul

    Great knife for the money. It arrived with a nice sharp edge. Very pleased with this purchase

  6. Customer

    These are really nice knives but are extremely sharp. Be very careful. We threw out all our collection of old knives as these cover everything.

  7. Jingo027

    I was impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of the knives. I was looking for a boning knife and purchased the boning knife and the large butcher knife. The handles are a little small for my hands, but I have large hands, otherwise the handles are very nice and the knives arrived super sharp. Normally, I sharpen knives upon arrival and felt that I was not going to improve on the edge of these knives. I have not used enough to determine how well they hold their edge and what use will do, but upon initial evaluation, these seem to be very good quality and well worth the money.

  8. Kathyjames

    Bought a chef knife from this brand before and really like it. So my husband told me to get a set of their knives and it was a great buy forever.

  9. David Gonzalez

    Great quality worth the price.

  10. Jennifer

    I really love this knife and I won’t let anyone use it but myself! You have to be extra careful because it is very sharp. It should have come with a knife sleve for safety. Otherwise, very nice…….

  11. Michael Brophy

    Overall, I’ve been pleased thus far with the functionality of these knives. However, there is a defect in the chef’s knife I received where the spine of the blade is not perfectly aligned with the bolder and handle — it appears to be a forging defect. The spine is about 5¡ã out of alignment with the bolster/handle. It’s visibly noticeable and also noticeable when the knife if laid on its side, however doesn’t appear to affect cutting or cutting motion.

  12. Marilyn

    Although I bought this item as a gift for my daughter, I can say it seams a very nice product, she gave her feedback saying she is very pleased with it.

  13. dewey

    This was a gift for my husband who loves to cook and is left handed. He absolutely loves this knife!! He can easily use it with his left and right hands, which makes him happy. It¡¯s very sharp and cuts through things easily

  14. Tania Medrano

    Excelente calidad y buen precio

  15. Barbara Bonner

    Like the feel when chopping up vegetables.

  16. gene piersee

    We love them

  17. Joanne

    Beautiful professional set. Very sharp, easy to hold.

  18. HonBakka

    This Imarku Chef knife is a beautiful, well made, extremely sharp kitchen tool. It cuts a variety of foods, meats and vegetables with ease and precision. It shot to the top of my “go to” knife list very quickly.

  19. Customer

    I like it. They are no heavy. They are great in
    all aspects. I never had a set of knives like this.
    perfect cuttings.

  20. Maria Holt

    Excellent knife set. Beautiful and sharp!!

  21. Tg

    Very very happy with these knives. Excellent quality and look. Exceptional value. I cook a lot and very picky. I was skeptical…exceeded expectations. I purchased five different types/sizes.

  22. Adam Evans

    Outstanding set of knives. Recommend to anyone.

  23. Robert G.

    I was skeptical because of the price but I was wrong. Chefs knife can cut everything with it its so sharp goes thru everything so smooth. Do not use gor meats with bones will get chips and dings. But for that is imaraku cleaver no issues this this is a beast bones frozen meat anything you throw at it gets chopped.

  24. F86M

    Purchased the kitchen set for the missus to replace her well used and worn Wustoff set. We are both pleased with the quality, ergonomics, and cutting ability. The sheers are unique and a nice touch. Time will tell but so far, so good.

  25. ajr

    Such a refreshing knife to use … Have had several other “top notch expensive sets”, this one knife is way better.

    Beautiful and stays sharp.

  26. Morgan Evans

    Pay attention to your hands when cutting! The handle design is very user-friendly and very comfortable! The overall design is great! There is no rust after being exposed to water, so it is very powerful to hold!

  27. Randah Najjar

    I chose this one. I didn’t disappoint when I got it. The workmanship is exquisite and the size is right. The very front is especially effortless to use. The workmanship is fine and it looks neat.

  28. Customer

    This product is very tall. The knife is also very sharp, good-looking and easy to use. It’s a necessary item in the kitchen. It’s absolutely OK. There’s no mistake in buying it. It’s really good. It’s really good. It can be purchased. It’s recommended to my friends~

  29. Savanah harmanian

    The overall design is great! It will not rust when immersed in water, so installation is very convenient! Especially sharp, easy to cut meat, daily cooking is also too easy, very good. The workmanship is exquisite, the size is right and the hand feels good.

  30. Sandy Waters

    The cutting edge of the cut ingredients is very flat. The appearance is also very good, and it looks very high-end. The knife is very suitable for holding, the size is not limited, the handle is non-slip, and the hand feels good.

  31. Benjamin Walton

    It feels very comfortable, I tried it and it was sharp. It is very convenient to use, whether it is cutting meat, vegetables or other things, it is very light.

  32. TJ

    As a commercial fisherman and meat cutter over the years, I have handled and purchased many knives. When I received this, I had to try it out. This knife is the real deal. High carbon steel blade, which means it will hold an edge. When the time comes, give it a quick honing with a steel or diamond steel and you will be back in business. It said 10″ knife and based on the price, I presumed it would be 10″ overall. I presumed It would be good for a good steak knife and if I liked it, I would get a few more. NO, NO, this knife has a 10″ blade and then some, not even counting the handle. I could buy whole sirloins or top rounds at the bulk meat place such as SamsClub and easily break them down and slice them into steaks and roasts with this one knife. It will slice off boneless Rib Eyes or New York strips like nobody’s business. I would not hesitate for one minute in cutting up a whole beef critter with this knife. I would fillet and skin a fish with this knife to slice up the onions and peppers to cook it with. For this price, if you need a knife, even if you don’t, buy one and check it out.

  33. john mahoney

    I cook by myself every day and use a knife every day. But my chopper is not sharp enough. I have always wanted to buy a new kitchen knife, but after waiting a long time, I met my favorite. Until I saw this knife, I matched it at a glance. I like it very much.

  34. Emily

    This knife is very beautiful, with a smooth and bright surface and good grip. The balance is very good and it is very comfortable to hold. This is the best kitchen knife I have ever used. It’s easy to cut meat. Very suitable for family use.

  35. Kathleen Natividad

    Got the goods! The knife is very fast. It’s good to cut shredded meat. Big bones can be easily opened. It’s not heavy. It’s suitable for girls. Hahaha. It’s not heavy at all. It’s smooth and light. It looks good and smooth. In a word, it’s affordable. Buy it for me!

  36. Mollie

    The workmanship is fine, the material is good, and the shape is beautiful, and it is easy to use. The knife is very good and the size is right. The key is very sharp. The fruit is very fast, small and convenient, and inexpensive.

  37. monikca

    Very sharp. The feel is mainly reflected in the handle, which has a very good grip and ergonomics. It also has a non-slip treatment. The weight is very light, the appearance is black and cool, and the scabbard is also very design. Very easy to clean

  38. Shelby

    I received the knife. After a simple trial, I found it was very useful. I felt it was very light. The weight of the kitchen knife was less than half of that of other stainless steel integrated kitchen knives. It was very convenient to hold and save energy. It also depends on my personal preference. I feel that the cost performance ratio is still very high. Friends in need can start one

  39. Otillia hooker

    This multi-purpose kitchen knife has a simple and elegant style, fine grinding, sharp edge, and intimate anti-cutting design, comfortable grip, and durable. Cutting vegetables and fruits is very handy, much better than my previous knife.

  40. Ama

    I have been using it for a while, this knife is extremely sharp, cutting vegetables, cutting fruits, and cutting bread are all very smoothly. The cut tomato slices are simply beautiful, thin and retain water. Suitable for ladies, it won’t tire your hands or waist. The material is very shiny, super awesome!

  41. Becky hertz

    I used to have a knife that was not easy to use. I listened to a friend’s recommendation and bought it. This knife is very durable. It cuts fruit, meat and vegetables. It’s very powerful. It has a beautiful appearance and can cut anything. It’s super handy. I’ll buy it for my grandmother next time.
    ±¨´í ±Ê¼Ç

  42. Lexi Levy

    The package is very beautiful. The size of the fruit knife is appropriate, the handle is designed to hold well, and the length of the knife surface is suitable, which can be used by adults at home.

  43. beth

    The quality is very good, the design is simple and atmospheric, easy to use, easy to clean, the weight and feel are particularly good, feel very good, feel very good to use, very sharp, very good to use.

  44. jeffmc57

    Really great knife i am very satisfied. Can cut tomato slices so thin i love it.

  45. Nicklaus Banaka

    The strength is also high, long-lasting sharpness, whether it is cutting vegetables or fruits, it is effective; the material of the handle is also comfortable to the touch, easy to use and not expensive.

  46. Cathy Slattery

    The quality of the product is very good. It feels light and light. It’s not heavy to hold it. It’s just right to hold it. It’s very convenient to cut fruit and it’s sharp. It’s easy to clean. I like it very much

  47. kramey

    The material is very good, very durable, the blade is sharp, cutting fruits is easy, the knife has a suitable handle, easy to use, easy to clean, and the blade is also good, very suitable for cutting some fruits.

  48. Amaz

    The packaging is very delicate, very sharp, very good handle, heavy in hand. The appearance is also very beautiful, very sharp and easy to carry, small volume, does not take up space, very easy to use

  49. CB

    I like it! Very smooth sharp and cuts easily! Pineapple, no problem! Bigger than I expected but I like it. Nice craftsmanship

  50. Eric Purvis

    The packaging is very exquisite, the quality is good, the blade back is thick, there is no gully on the whole, it is easy to clean up, the material is steel, and the handle is very good. It’s a very good and satisfied product

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