VAVSEA 5-in-1 Multi-function Immersion Hand Blender, Powerful 1000W 12-Speed Handheld Stick Blender with Stainless Steel Blades, with Chopper, Beaker, Whisk and Milk Frother for Baby Food/Smoothies/Puree, BPA Free


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VAVSEA Hand Mixer, 1000W 5-in-1 Multi-function Kitchen Aid Hand Immersion Blender with 500ml Chopping Bowl, Milk Frothier, Egg Whisk, 600ml Beaker, 12-Speed Stick Blender Food Processor



【5-IN-1 MULTI-FUNCTION HAND BLENDER】➤ The new generation VAVSEA immersion blender with 12 adjustable speed settings can meet your various needs for mixing, chopping, egg-beating, puree, smoothie and baby food.Our stick blender with attachments which contain Blender Main Body, Milk Frother, 17oz Food Chopper, 20oz Beaker, Egg Whisk.

【1000W POWERFUL & STURDY HAND BLENDER】➤ 1000-watt emersion blender with 12 speed control + turbo, 304 STAINLESS STEEL BLADES.Evenly-mixed smoothies, protein shakes, salsas, broccoli soup and mayonnaise of mouth-watering flavors.You can easily adjust the speed to fit different foods and purposes.With powerful motor, our VAVSEA handheld blender is idealy for frozen fruits and small ices cube.

【EASY TO CLEAN & SAFE】➤ The accessories can be cleaned with water or dishwasher (DO NOT immerse the motor part into the water). All materials in contact with food are BPA free food grade materials. You can rest assured to make juices and smoothies to share with your family.

【EASY TO ASSEMBLE】➤ Detachable blenders for kitchen. Easy to switch attachments by snap on/snap off during use, combination use of food processor, Blender, Milk Frother, Egg Whisk.Effortlessly clean after use with a dishwasher, blender and attachments with an eject button for easy removal.

【Lifetime Support】➤We provide 2-year worry-free exchange or money-return guarantee. Immersion hand blender is an ideal gift for family, mothers or food lovers.Try VAVSEA handheld stick blender risk-free!

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VAVSEA Hand Mixer, 1000W 5-in-1 Multi-function Kitchen Aid Hand Immersion Blender with 500ml Chopping Bowl, Milk Frothier, Egg Whisk, 600ml Beaker, 12-Speed Stick Blender Food Processor



300 reviews for VAVSEA 5-in-1 Multi-function Immersion Hand Blender, Powerful 1000W 12-Speed Handheld Stick Blender with Stainless Steel Blades, with Chopper, Beaker, Whisk and Milk Frother for Baby Food/Smoothies/Puree, BPA Free

  1. mdchick

    I LOVE this purchase! I was a little hesitant bc of some of the negative reviews, but my boyfriend and I have used this versatile set for so many things while cooking! The mini chopper is great and actually holds a lot, and it’s powerful. The whipping is great for whipping cream. I think we haven’t used the immersion blender or the frother but have no doubt we’ll be making soups as fall is coming. This is a super handy multi functional kitchen gadget and it’s become a staple in the kitchen. Love and highly recommend.

  2. Juan Rivera

    I absolutely love this product. I originally bought this product just for the immersion blender to help make soup, but all the attachments have been super helpful. I can pretty much get rid of my food processor now.

  3. Hilde Pons

    Lo recomiendo pero escoger¨ªa uno mejor por ejemplo para moler granos.

  4. Noelia Bencosme


  5. chris

    Happy with the purchase for the price

  6. Mrs M

    This thing is powerful! Super easy to switch from each attachment! Definitely worth it! Love the fact that This is replacing a few larger kitchen appliances that take up way too much space in my small kitchen! 10/10!!

  7. Manuela M.

    Every kitchen needs this immersion blender. That is all. 🙂

  8. CheshireCat

    Was looking for something like this for a very long time! I live in apartment with rather small kitchen – so not a lot of space to work with. So the last thing on my list is a giant blander to put on a counter space that I don¡¯t have and this is a super easy assemble with variety of other functions and does not need much space. Plus – it¡¯s lightweight. I love it!!

  9. Lynn Langiano

    Very easy to use and cleans up beautifully.

  10. Jurene Brink

    My daughter finds it very handy and a time saver.

  11. Rickey

    I’ve been wanting one of these forvever so glad had it. I dread pulling out my heavy blender this 5-1 Hand blender makes the job so much more easy to cook a meal.

  12. Non

    Very happy with this purchase.
    Been using it almost everyday.
    Very convenient!

  13. Jean Clark

    The food processor made the perfect pesto. Easy peasy!

  14. Rhonda Slaton

    I have used it for chopping onions and frothing my coffee

  15. ANAy

    Funciona pero no es algo wow

  16. Laura

    I am super happy I purchased this item. I love it. Very powerful and gets your tasks done easy and to the consistancy you want. Easy clean up too.

  17. Darrell Cox

    I love this multi function immersion hand blender! It is perfect for making a quick salsa, whipping up eggs, making a smoothie or frothing milk! I am having so much fun using this tool and am so happy to have come across it. Easy to clean, light weight and doesn’t take up a lot of storage room.

  18. ERA

    I make everything with this! Soups, salsa, smoothies, chop my ingredients, blend dressings, whisks perfectly, froths my vegan milk for my coffee! I¡¯m in love! It has great blending power and it¡¯s extremely easy to use! Easy to clean! And it¡¯s not very loud.. a plus! I am so glad I got this!! I would gift this to other moms or kitchen tool lovers.. saves so much time!

  19. Customer

    We were given this hand blender as a gift for our wedding and love it! It’s easy to use and love how it comes with multiple attachments for various needs. Easy to store as it doesn’t take up much room in a cupboard or drawer.

  20. Customer

    Great hand blender. I use it almost daily. It has been powerful enough for everything I needed it for (soups, smoothies, milkshakes, etc.) All the different attachments have been nice and it is very easy to clean since most of it is dishwasher safe.

  21. trlinde

    We currently use this instead of a blender or food processor for a lot of thing, but now with the wisk, we use it even more.
    Be sure to use a deeper bowl though.
    Very quiet and very easy to use. Cleans up easily too.

  22. Beatriz Avila

    Me agrad¨® mucho como funciona y adem¨¢s los accesorios que trae!!

  23. Gwenevere

    It’s the perfect size for me to make fresh, small portions. I use it every day. I make my salad dressings, grind up nuts, whisk my cream and eggs. This product I would Highly recommend. I’m super satisfied!!!

  24. Sajad

    easy to handle and clean, powerful enough.
    love it so much.

  25. TJ

    We use the handblender attachment daily to blend frozen fruits. Good so far

  26. Lee Weber

    Love love love it.

    Blends really well. From soups to frozen fruit smoothies. Very happy with it.

  27. Customer

    This blender was super easy to use and clean afterwards. I choose it over my bulky food processor every time. The dial let¡¯s you choose the speed for perfect results every time. Made making my favorite pesto a breeze!

  28. Zachary L. Downey

    Ok confession time. I have a full size food processor but wanted something smaller because I have two cats who are picky as hell and refuse to eat any cat food but pate, but get bored of the one flavor. So, compromise- I bought this to blend the chunk type food into a puree. This is 100% a hit with my cats and no more food is getting wasted!

    The milk frother is awesome, the whisk is a little too powerful for easy use, and I have not used the immersion blender yet. All in all, easily the best money I have spent in a while, if for nothing else but the cat food!

  29. Marta Peters

    Nice blender. Plenty of power. Easy care.

  30. ai chan1

    So far I really like this set. Easy to clean , easy to put together.
    I have not tried the latte and small oval whisk yet but the chopping and mixing blending worked very well. I use setting 1 only., it¡¯s strong enough.

  31. Fabio

    Muy bueno y mucho poder

  32. JLewis

    Just hold onto the when you use the cup..

  33. Jason

    Sturdy, powerful stick blender. Especially happy (surprised actually) w/ the frother attachment. My wife uses it all the time.

  34. Jason C.

    Used it for the first time a few days ago for my homemade ice cream mix. This thing is AWESOME!! Easy to put together and to switch out the accessories. Very easy to clean. The power on this thing, I never had to use the turbo button yet. Definitely reccomend this mixer.


    Nice product with great features. Great quality would buy again.

  36. Mechelle

    Great product. I look forward to having this as a kitchen staple.

  37. Raymond

    It¡¯s a good product

  38. Austin Ricketts

    I Love this product and all the attachments I can use. It saves me so much space in my apartment!

  39. Donna J. Kelley

    Great immersion all in one blender at a great price!

  40. Emily

    Love! Very functional and compact doesn¡¯t take much space.

  41. Kerri-Ann McLean

    They appreciated the gift and used it right away to make sauces for their anniversary dinner.

  42. Melissa Ellet

    For the price, I’m definitely impressed with this. I bought it specifically to chop nuts with, and I am more than satisfied. The blending feature also impressed me. Good product for a cheap price

  43. marsha scherz

    I like the different accessories and have used them all- really multifunctional product. Very powerful motor too

  44. Christine Shumaker

    Compact and poweful

  45. J.NYLA

    Haven¡¯t used all the pieces yet but hoping it will replace many of the smaller appliances in my kitchen now. Everything was well packaged.

  46. Jimbo

    Overall pretty handy, easy to use, So far so good, but not as good when blend frozen fruit

  47. Khushbu Bhatt

    It¡¯s very steady and powerful.

  48. F. A.M.S.

    Glad I bought this! Using for blending soups, making whipped cream and frothing milk. Heavy and well made. Great for my keto diet!

  49. Melissa Henry

    Great buy and a 48 month warranty too

  50. Big Al

    So much easier than taking out the food processor and then having to wash and return it to its storage place. So much easier than pouring hot soup into the blender to pur¨¦e it – just leave it in the pot and have a go at it. Love the ease!

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