VAVSEA Juicer Machine 600W, Juice Extractor, Anti-Drip Press Centrifugal Juicer with Big Mouth 3″ Feed Chute for Whole Fruit Vegetable, BPA-Free

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(528 customer reviews)

Durable Upgrade Copper-reinforced Motor: The new upgrade motor of our juicer machine is reinforced with pure copper, which ensures its durability and longevity. You can use it for years without any issues.
FRESH JUICE IN SECONDS: VAVSEA Centrifugal Juicer Machine is designed to give you fresh juice in seconds. With its powerful motor and wide feed chute, you can easily make your favorite juice in a breeze.
Dual-Speed and Pulse: Our juicer machine comes with dual-speed and pulse settings, which allow you to adjust the speed according to the type of fruit or vegetable you are juicing. This ensures that you get the maximum amount of juice and nutrients from your produce.
HIGH JUICE YIELD: The combination of 304 stainless steel high-density filters in the juicer and corrosion-resistant multi-blade ensures high juice yield. After repeated tests, our centrifugal juicers produce 28% higher juice yield and 39% more vitamins than other machines.
75mm Wide Feed Chute Shorten Pre-Time: The wide feed chute of our juicer machine allows you to put in whole fruits and vegetables without having to cut them into small pieces. This saves you time and effort.
Trible Safety Support: Overheat protection automatically shuts down the juicer when it’s higher than 125°C. There are 4 non-slip feet on the bottom to prevent the machine from vibrating. The safety locking arm prevents the juicer from operating without the lid locked into place.
Easy to Clean: Cleaning our juicer machine is a breeze. All the parts are detachable and can be easily cleaned with water and soap or directly in the dishwasher (excluding the motor). You don’t have to worry about any complicated cleaning procedures.



Are you eager to embrace a vibrant and effortless lifestyle? Whether you’re in the mood for a zesty orange kick or a nutrient-packed green blend, the VAVSEA Juicer Machine makes it a breeze to whip up fresh homemade juice. Its new upgarde 600W motor is reinforced with pure copper for maximum oomph, and the wide 3″ feed chute lets you juice whole fruits and veggies without breaking a sweat. Plus, with dual-speed and pulse settings, you’ll extract every drop of juice and nutrients from your produce. Clean-up is a snap! All the parts are detachable and easily washable with soap and water. Say hello to your daily dose of fresh juice amazing this epic juicer machine.

528 reviews for VAVSEA Juicer Machine 600W, Juice Extractor, Anti-Drip Press Centrifugal Juicer with Big Mouth 3″ Feed Chute for Whole Fruit Vegetable, BPA-Free

  1. Lmaxx

    I am grateful for this great value for money juicer. It’s an affordable way for students like me to enjoy the benefits of fresh juice.

  2. Ernesto Mancebo

    Im no longer limited by small batches; I can now juice for an entire week.

  3. Wild Bill

    I¡¯ve put this juicer to the test and its triple safety support is the real deal.¡±

  4. M. Conant

    My juice tastes better because it¡¯s BPA-free.¡±

  5. Blaise J Ravalli

    No need to limit my fruit intake; this juicer handles it all.

  6. Malu Makhijani

    The convenience of quick startup and shutdown allows me to work efficiently without disrupting my daily schedule.

  7. maurice reed

    When juicing for a specific diet plan, the large capacity juicer provides the necessary amount of juice every day to help me stay on track.

  8. Marco Lady

    I love this juicer, it’s economical and versatile. It makes it easier for me to incorporate healthy habits into my student lifestyle.

  9. Kfletch

    This BPA-free juicer puts safety and health first.¡±

  10. Alan DiGangi

    This juicer has become an important part of my daily life. I can’t imagine life without it.

  11. The Sellers

    As a mom, every second counts. This juicer¡¯s wide feed chute simplifies my morning routine.¡±

  12. Allen Bossa

    Considering its power, this juicer is surprisingly compact. It doesn’t take up much counter space.

  13. Miles Brown Jr

    If you like to buy produce in bulk or take advantage of seasonal fruit and vegetable sales, a large-capacity juicer can help you get the most out of your purchases and minimize food waste.

  14. Gardener

    Filling your fridge with homemade juices has become a habit ¨C all thanks to this juicer.¡±

  15. SMR

    The wide feed chute makes this juicer a kitchen MVP. It changed my morning routine.

  16. mark harvey

    With its ample capacity, I can make custom juice blends for the whole family.¡±

  17. Motti Shenker

    Ive used quite a few juicers, but this one stands out.

  18. V. Nickel

    I’ve tried many juicers, but this one is in a league of its own.

  19. Lois Lee

    Im a working parent and time is of the essence. This juicers wide feed chute helps me meet my schedule.

  20. Bubbles

    I appreciate the versatility of this juicer, which allows me to make a variety of blends. The juice produced by this machine is pure and refreshing; it’s like sipping heaven.

  21. Jake K.

    My daily eating habits revolve around maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and this juicer plays a key role in achieving my health goals.

  22. Limon

    I appreciate its safety features, such as the locking mechanism.

  23. Susiejo

    Since we started juicing, I have received compliments from friends and family who say my kids look healthier and have more energy.

  24. Rglasser

    With this juicer, I no longer hesitate to try new juice recipes because I know cleanup will be a breeze. Its a real time saver in my kitchen.

  25. Chad Bergmann

    The ease of use of this juicer has completely changed my morning routine. I can have a glass of fresh, nutritious juice in minutes, and the simple controls make it fun to operate.

  26. S. Morffis

    I can¡¯t get enough of the fresh, delicious juice this juicer makes.

  27. LWatson

    Conveniently, the juicer starts up and shuts down quickly, allowing us to juice efficiently without disrupting our family time.

  28. Chat Lokuge

    This juicer has had a positive impact on my life.

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