VAVSEA Sleeping Bags for Adults Backpacking Lightweight Waterproof- Cold Weather Sleeping Bag for Girls Boys Mens for Warm Camping Hiking Outdoor Travel Hunting with Compression Bags


(90 customer reviews)

WARM AND COMFORTABLE – The 300g M2 hollow fiber insulation filling of this envelope style sleeping bag along with polyester lining and 190T polyester shell offers better heat retention, keeping you warmer.
FULL SIZE BAG – This bag measures 75 x 32-inch which will easily fit anyone up to 71-inches or 5-foot, 11-inches and provides plenty of room and comfort.
IDEAL FOR 2 SEASON USE – With a temperature range down to 45 degrees, you can take this sleeping bag along with you throughout the spring, summer, and early fall seasons (temperature dependent).
VERSATILE USE – Not only is this sleeping bag ideal for camping trips and sleepovers, but it also provides a perfect spot to sit for stargazing, picnics, festivals, bonfires, and more. It’s an outdoor essential for both kids and adults.
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS – Dimensions: 75” x 32”; Materials: Shell: 100% 190T Polyester, Lining: 100% Polyester, Filling: 300/g M2 hollow fiber, Zipper: #5 Nylon. Color: Red.



Nights can get cold when you are outdoors, but you don’t have to worry with the VAVSEA Outdoors Sleeping Bag. The 100% polyester shell and lining with a 300g M2 hollow fiber filling provide optimal comfort and ensures that warmth is sealed in for activities like family or car camping, and even for festival camping. When you are finished using the sleeping bag, it easily rolls up to fit into the compression bag to save space and time to keep you enjoying the outdoors.

90 reviews for VAVSEA Sleeping Bags for Adults Backpacking Lightweight Waterproof- Cold Weather Sleeping Bag for Girls Boys Mens for Warm Camping Hiking Outdoor Travel Hunting with Compression Bags

  1. MelIssa WIllIams

    The inflation process is a workout. It takes forever to inflate and deflates quickly.

  2. Sarah Schulte

    The pad’s inflation valve is finicky. It’s difficult to close properly, causing air leaks.

  3. JennIfer Andrews

    I tried adjusting the firmness, but it never felt just right. The comfort level is definitely lacking.

  4. Karla SImms

    I thought the thickness would provide ample comfort, but I could still feel every bump on the ground.

  5. LorIJ

    The pad’s texture is uncomfortable and scratchy. It irritated my skin throughout the night.

  6. JHD

    The pad doesn’t hold air well throughout the night. I woke up several times to find it partially deflated.

  7. Presley1

    I regret buying this sleeping pad. The built-in pump is weak and it takes ages to inflate properly.

  8. 1sg

    The pad’s build quality is poor. It started developing leaks after just a few uses.

  9. Stacy S.

    The pad’s connectable design is more of a hassle than a convenience. It kept separating during the night.


    The pad started losing air within hours of inflating. I had to constantly re-inflate during the night.

  11. mtc17

    Inflation is a nightmare. The pump doesn’t work efficiently, and it’s exhausting to use.

  12. Nancy DIPInto

    I had high hopes for this pad, but it was uncomfortable to sleep on and didn’t provide good insulation.

  13. Sharon Parker

    The pad makes a squeaky noise every time I move, which is incredibly annoying and disruptive to sleep.

  14. CatherIne Foster

    I found the pad to be too soft, and it lacked proper support for my back.

  15. Sandra J. HIcks McCullum

    I had high hopes for this pad, but the material started to crack and peel after just a few trips.

  16. MockIngbIrd

    The self-inflating feature is not reliable at all. It barely inflates and I had to manually pump it up every time.

  17. George McCrary

    The advertised ‘ultralight’ feature is misleading. The pad is bulkier and heavier than other options.

  18. Beverly Westberry

    The pad’s built-in pump is weak and takes a long time to inflate. Definitely not user-friendly.

  19. GJ

    I expected better quality for the price. The material feels flimsy and I’m worried about it tearing.

  20. Shelby Hague

    The pad’s surface is not comfortable to sleep on. It’s rough and caused discomfort throughout the night.

  21. Kasey WIlburn

    The advertised durability is a lie. The material tore easily after minimal use.

  22. Joelene

    I was disappointed with the lack of proper insulation. I still felt cold even with the pad underneath me.

  23. ChrIsty LInster

    The inflation valve doesn’t seal properly, resulting in air leakage and a deflated pad in the morning.

  24. Kat Carson

    The connectable feature is a letdown. The pads kept separating, causing disruptions during sleep.

  25. Shayonna

    The connectable feature is a disaster. The pads never stayed together, causing me to wake up on the cold ground.

  26. StacI E. Powell

    The pad doesn’t hold air consistently. It deflated gradually during the night, affecting my sleep.

  27. RIck Z.

    The pad’s texture is rough and uncomfortable against the skin. I couldn’t sleep well at all.

  28. Kathy B. Stafford

    I was expecting a warm night’s sleep, but the pad’s insulation failed to keep me comfortable.

  29. UtIcababs

    The inflation process is unreliable. The pad deflated during the night, causing discomfort.

  30. Joshua T. WIedermann

    The pad’s design is impractical. It’s a struggle to pack it back into its carrying bag.

  31. Marty T

    The inflation process is time-consuming and I ended up using a separate pump to speed things up.

  32. AllIe Kall

    The pad’s surface is slippery, and I kept sliding off during the night. Not the comfortable sleep I expected.

  33. JennIfer DIego

    The pump’s mechanism feels fragile. I’m concerned it might break after a few uses.

  34. Rebecka

    The built-in pump is a disaster. It’s difficult to use and doesn’t fully inflate the pad.

  35. Barry NIchols

    The pump’s performance is disappointing. It takes too much effort to inflate the pad.

  36. Marsha A. Mckay

    The insulation is subpar. I could feel the cold ground underneath me, defeating the purpose of the pad.

  37. docdom

    I had high hopes for this pad, but it started leaking air after just a couple of uses.

  38. DebbIe B.

    The pad’s noise is disruptive. Every time I moved, it made a loud crinkling sound.

  39. Jan B.

    The advertised ‘ultralight’ claim is misleading. The pad is bulkier and heavier than I anticipated.

  40. feedbIngo

    The size is not as advertised. It’s too narrow for a comfortable sleep, and I’m not a large person.

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