Enjoy Yourself  at Home | Enjoy a Healthy Life



Enjoy Yourself  at Home | Enjoy a Healthy Life

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For a healthier life, we’ve rebuilt our products and hope to deliver something good to all.

VAVSEA Pro-Dehumidifier

  • up to 22 pints (30 pint 2012 DOE standard)

  • Perfect for medium to large rooms

  • Quickly and effectively absorb moisture without racking up your energy bill


Our Customers Say

“We absolutely love this little dehumidifier. We have it in a bathroom that does not have a window, and the vent is not very good. We get a good amount of water out of this dehumidifier every day. It does not take up much space, and the noise level is very very minimal. I’m actually thinking of getting this for another one of our bathrooms. I would definitely recommend this for small spaces like a bathroom or closet. They can sit in the corner, completely out of way, and still provide good dehumidifier service.”

Peter D.

“Okay so if you’re looking for this to do an entire floor of your home or anything more than a small room, your obviously didnt read the description. I am a sneaker collector and my collection must remain under a certain humidity to prevent fungus and mold and deterioration. I just moved and my sneaker room was consistently 70% humidity. I got this and its now down to 50%. For this price this does exactly as intended, so I recommend this device! ”

Jenny M.

Why Choose VAVSEA?

We supply premium qualified high-end Home Dehumidifier with affordable prices.

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