FETERVIC Knife Set with Block, 12Pcs Premium Kitchen Knife Set with Chef Knife,Sharp German Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set

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(500 customer reviews)
  • 12Pcs Kitchen Knife Set: 12-pieces Package includes: 8″ chef knife, 7″ santoku knife, 7.7″ bread knife, 6″ boning knife, 4.5″ utility knife, 4.4″ serrated steak knife, 8″ sharpener rod, 4pcs 4.4″ kitchen shear and hardwood knife block.
  • High Carbon German Stainless Steel Blades: Each FETERVIC knife is made of high-quality stainless steel EN1.4116 with outstanding resistance to rust and corrosion. Each knife edges is hand-polished to 14-16°per side, make the knives extra sharp. Superb cutting performance of sharp kitchen knife sets ensures precise but effortless slicing, dicing and chopping on any food prep.
  • Superior Ergonomics Design: The knife set adopts ergonomic design triple riveted ABS handles for perfect balance, maximum comfort, and best manipulation. Strong, durable bolster for extra stability and control. A perfect knife set with block for any home cook or professional chef!
  • Easy to Clean & Store: Hand wash knives with water and mild detergent and dry them completely with a soft cloth immediately after each use to maintain sharpness and long service life. All knives are safely stored in natural hardwood knife blocks to keep your kitchen organized.
  • Perfect Gift & Promise: Professional and high-quality knife set for all your cooking needs. It is very suitable as a gift for parents, lovers, and friends at various festivals. FETERVIC knife block set with a 12-month guaranteed warranty. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.


We focus on Sharpness.14-16°sharpened edge of this sharp knife was hand polished and forged by blacksmiths with decades of experience, owning extraordinary performance and edge retention. Elegance Attractive Black ABS handles are very durable and dense, ensure a comfortable, secure grip, knives are perfectly balanced for precision while cutting.


500 reviews for FETERVIC Knife Set with Block, 12Pcs Premium Kitchen Knife Set with Chef Knife,Sharp German Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set

  1. Saul a

    This knife is a must-have in the kitchen. Sharpness is critical to achieving precise, even cuts. Elevate your kitchen essentials with an essential knife that will make every cut precise!

  2. Yvonne

    Sharpness stands out! I feel like a professional chef using this incredible knife in my own kitchen. Improve your kitchen skills with the exceptional sharpness of this professional-grade knife!

  3. AMP78

    I was amazed at how easy it was to clean this knife after each use. Hand wash and dry it and its ready for your next cooking challenge. Highly recommended!

  4. Juliet Bushinski

    Excellent quality, surprisingly affordable! These knives have proven that excellent quality can be achieved at an unexpectedly low price.

  5. Patricia Major

    The packaging is so well thought out; it makes me appreciate the thought that went into making this knife holder set.

  6. Reading Addicted

    For a chef, opening my knife set is like Christmas morning. Beautifully packaged and impressive! Beautifully packaged knives add a touch of holiday cheer and impressive appeal.

  7. anke

    I never expected to find such quality knives at such an affordable price. What a deal! I’ll recommend to my friend.

  8. Leslie

    The weight of this knife set is exactly what I was looking for – it feels comfortable in my hand. Find what you’re looking for in a knife holder set – a comfortable weight that feels perfect in your hand!

  9. Shirley

    I never knew a knife handle could have such an impact on my cooking process. This handle takes my kitchen experience to the next level.

  10. Kasey Morgan

    The weight of this knife block set is very comfortable, making it my go-to kitchen tool. Make this knife holder your go-to, its weight ensures I feel comfortable during every kitchen task!

  11. Angela Porter

    Incredible quality, affordable luxury! These knives prove their affordability. Experience incredible quality that feels like an affordable luxury, a testament to the brilliance of these affordable knives.

  12. Pomoko

    Opening this set of knives feels like unveiling a secret weapon. The heavy handle adds to the anticipation inside.

  13. blaxy87

    Comfortable to hold and of excellent quality – this set of knives is a masterpiece in the kitchen. These knives are a joy to hold and their quality really makes them kitchen masterpieces.

  14. Agneris Diaz Diaz

    These knives turn steak cutting into an art form, with precision and ease. The combination of precision and ease is truly remarkable.

  15. Angela gonzalez

    With this complete set of high-quality knives, I feel like a professional chef. Enhance your kitchen experience with the high-quality precision of this professional-grade knife set!

  16. Susan E Reed

    The sharpness of this knife is a treasure in my kitchen. It makes cooking tasks more efficient. Discover the treasures of efficiency with the priceless sharpness of this kitchen essential!

  17. Gian Carlo Soto

    Im really pleased with how easy the cleaning process is for this knife. Hand washing is a breeze and it dries quickly. Keeping it sharp is a piece of cake.

  18. Akuwa Tanner

    I have never owned a knife that stayed sharp for so long. Its like having a reliable kitchen partner always ready for action.

  19. brginhunter

    Excellent quality, unbeatable price! These knives are a steal for any home cook. The unbeatable combination of excellent quality and an affordable price makes these knives a true steal for any home cook.

  20. Master Chief

    The perfect balance of quality and comfort makes this knife set stand out in the kitchen. This knife set has the perfect balance of quality and comfort and has become a standout in my kitchen.

  21. Dawn S

    First-class quality, affordable price! These knives are an affordable luxury item for any home cook. Experiencing top-quality knives at a great price felt like an affordable luxury and enhanced my cooking experience.

  22. Kerry Humphrey

    These knives are such a bargain! They are cheap but the performance is amazing. Bagging a bargain like these knives, which deliver amazing performance, is a pleasant surprise.

  23. indie m.

    Exceptional sharpness, unbeatable price! These knives redefine affordable quality. Experience the unparalleled sharpness of these knives at such a reasonable price and it¡¯s truly a worthwhile purchase!

  24. TheMiNd83

    Excellent service at an affordable price! These 12 knives offer high performance at an affordable price. Experience great quality without a hefty price tag – these 12 knives truly deliver high performance at an affordable price.

  25. Sa

    ELEGANT PRESENTATION – Beautiful packaging makes this knife set a masterpiece worthy of gifting. The elegant look and beautiful packaging make this knife set a masterpiece that I would be proud to give away.

  26. Rey

    The attention to detail in the design of this knife reflects pure quality. Experience quality in every detail. A well-designed knife that embodies pure excellence!

  27. Zaid

    I love the comfortable weight of this knife block ¨C it¡¯s a joy to use. Experience the joy of using a comfortable weight knife block set – real kitchen fun!

  28. Tobermorey

    Seriously, no more drawer clutter! Sentiment: Acknowledge the knife block as the unsung hero, emphasize its role in kitchen organization, and put an end to frustrating clutter in drawers.

  29. Daylin Machin

    The versatility of this set meets all my cutting needs. Experiencing the versatility of this set for all my cutting needs is incredibly satisfying.

  30. Anna Berg

    For the budget buyer, these knives are highly recommended. The quality goes way beyond the affordable price.

  31. HBCH

    I cant imagine how good this set of knives is for the price. This is a smart purchase for anyone looking for quality without spending too much money.

  32. Tester-Mami

    Excellent quality combined with comfort make this knife set a favorite in the kitchen. Make this knife set a favorite in the kitchen – the perfect combination of quality and comfort!

  33. Jirah

    The design of this knife is very elegant and the quality is great. highly recommended. Highly recommended knives that blend elegance and quality to add sophistication to your kitchen!

  34. giantconebill

    The price/performance ratio of this set is unbeatable. You don¡¯t have to spend a lot of money to get a full line of high-quality knives.

  35. TOS

    Cooking is more fun when you have the right tools. My knife is the MVP of my kitchen team. Equipped with the right tools, cooking becomes a pleasure. My knives act as MVPs, increasing efficiency and fun for my kitchen team.

  36. Rafael Gonzales

    This knife block set has just the right weight to give it a comfortable, controlled feel. Achieve a comfortable and controlled feel every time you cut with a knife block set that’s just the right weight!

  37. Marco Antonio Parras Flores

    I was really impressed with how much the weight of this tool holder contributed to its comfort and precision. Very impressed with the comfort and precision achieved with a tool block set that values its weight!

  38. Wysheta

    Not only does the set come in a box, but it’s beautifully packaged and very stylish. : It¡¯s not just a set in a box; It’s beautifully packaged and very stylish, it’s a great addition to my kitchen and brings me joy every time I use it.

  39. Sanna

    The comfort and quality of this set of knives are unparalleled; its head and shoulders above the rest.

  40. thejennysavary

    I never thought Id be the type to brag about kitchen gadgets, but seriously, this knife is a game changer.

  41. mochamarie

    A steak lover’s dream come true, these blades make every cut a masterpiece. Having a knife that can transform every cut of meat into a masterpiece is a dream come true.

  42. Alicia Calzone

    It’s amazing what a difference a really sharp knife can make. This exceeded all my expectations. Experience the extraordinary impact of a truly sharp knife – beyond expectations!

  43. Francesco

    The elegant design of this knife makes it a centerpiece in my arsenal of cooking tools. Transform your kitchen arsenal with a centerpiece ¨C a knife with an elegant, eye-catching design!

  44. Kelly Kaufman

    I admire the attention to detail that went into the design of this handle. Its obvious that the designers considered both form and function.

  45. Ricardo

    I’m not exaggerating when I say this set is cheap. It’s a complete arsenal for any cooking enthusiast. Affordable and great ¨C get a complete kitchen arsenal without breaking the bank!

  46. Samuel Trinidad

    Ive never been so happy with a kitchen tool. The sharpness of this set of knives has changed the way I cook.

  47. WJW

    This knife exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasant surprise to experience a set of knives that exceeded my expectations.

  48. Joseph Gaglione

    An affordable gem! These knives are a great investment for anyone looking for quality at a low price.

  49. Lindsey Jensen

    Cleaning is effortless with this knife. Hand washing is easy and it dries quickly. Its the perfect kitchen tool, effortless and convenient.

  50. Horta Mesquita

    Comfortable in the hand and of excellent quality – this set of knives is a true kitchen treasure. Discover a true kitchen treasure set of knives that not only feel great in your hand, but are of exceptional quality!

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