VAVSEA 3 Pack Motion Sensor LED Lights, Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lights

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Let’s light up your life in style with the VAVSEA Cabinet Lights! These sleek, innovative 10″ linkable light bars will make your home shine like never before. Each light bar only uses 1.2 watts of energy, so you can keep your space illuminated without worrying about high electricity bills. The lights are also dimmable, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance. With a color temperature of 4000K and a luminosity of 75 lumens per light bar, you’ll get bright, daylight white light that will make any room glow. But the best part? These lights come with state-of-the-art hand wave technology that makes it super easy to turn them on and off without fumbling around for switches or buttons. And with two mounting options, installation is a breeze. You can connect up to 5 lights to the same power source, which makes these light bars perfect for task lighting in your kitchen or creating a cozy atmosphere in your living room. So why wait? Light up your home with the VAVSEA Under Cabinet Lights and experience the convenience of hand wave technology today!



MOTION SENSOR LED LIGHT BAR: Our closet light features Passive Infrared Technology (PIR), which detects human motion to turn on in a dark or dim environment. These lights do not turn on if other lights in the room are turned on, this is to save battery life. These LED closet lights are motion activated and turn on within 9 feet of motion at a 120-degree angle from the sensor. These lights do not have an on/off switch and only activate by a motion sensor for hands-free operation.
BATTERY OPERATED LIGHTS: The VAVSEA motion activated LED lights are wireless for a quick, easy, and neat installation. Each under-cabinet light bar is powered by 4 x AAA batteries (not included). These closet lights easily attach/detach on a the included magnetic strip for quick and easy battery replacement. The built-in daylight sensor ensures a long battery life by not turning on when other light sources are detected in the area.
EASY TO INSTALL: These motion sensors under cabinet light include a magnetic strip with an adhesive backing for easy peel and stick installation. The automatic light for closet attaches to the magnetic strip for easy detaching and battery replacement. No tools, screws, or nuts are required to install these motion lights for closet. For best adhesion results, please mount the magnetic strip on a clean, dry, smooth flat surface.
MULTI-PURPOSE AND DURABLE: This motion sensor cabinet light is made using high-quality materials that will not break, bend, or corrode with time. This motion sensor night light is perfect for use in the kitchen, closet, pantry, hallway, bathroom, drawer, safe, attic, basement, kid’s room, cupboard, storage room, garage, storm cellar, vanity mirror, workstation, etc.
HANDS FREE OPERATION: These lights operate by motion sensor only and do not have an on/off switch for easy hands-free operation. This feature is especially important when walking in the dark. These lights automatically turn on within 9 feet of motion and turn off after 15 seconds when motion is not detected. These lights have an energy-saving feature that prevents them from activating if other lights are turned on, this feature ensures the batteries can last for a long time. The 7.5″ x 1.2″ LED bar makes an optimal solution for lighting compact spaces and dark corners.

219 reviews for VAVSEA 3 Pack Motion Sensor LED Lights, Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lights

  1. Brenda Ortiz

    The three-pack is an excellent value for money. I was able to light up all my cabinets with ease.

  2. stephen nevin

    I’m impressed by the build quality of these lights. They feel sturdy and well-made.

  3. shirley metz

    The soft glow emitted by these lights creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in my kitchen. It’s a pleasant change from harsh overhead lighting.

  4. Valerie Kibble

    I appreciate the energy efficiency of these lights. They consume very little power, making them eco-friendly.

  5. Irene Jung

    The soft glow of these lights creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in my kitchen.

  6. Abdulkhaliq Razahi

    Installation was quick and hassle-free. It took me just a few minutes to set them up.

  7. Carolyn Gilden

    The soft glow emitted by these lights creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in my kitchen.

  8. Deborah Rolle

    Installation was a breeze, and the adhesive backing is strong, keeping the lights securely in place.

  9. ron chappell

    Installation was quick and straightforward. The adhesive backing is strong, ensuring the lights stay in place.


    Installation was a breeze, and the adhesive backing keeps the lights securely in place.


    The adhesive backing is strong and ensures that the lights stay securely attached to the cabinets.

  12. Florence

    The three-pack ensures consistent lighting throughout all my cabinets. No more dark spots!

  13. Linda Norton

    The adjustable brightness feature is a great addition. I can set the lighting according to my needs and preferences.

  14. Beverly Jorgensen

    The three-pack is perfect for lighting multiple cabinets, and the price is very reasonable.

  15. Christopher Rodriguez

    The price for a three-pack is very reasonable, considering the quality and functionality of these lights.

  16. Monique Munoz

    The three-pack is a great value. I was able to light up all my cabinets without breaking the bank.

  17. Naresh Pandey

    These induction cabinet lights have greatly improved the functionality and aesthetics of my kitchen. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

  18. Varsha Patel

    The adjustable brightness feature allows me to customize the lighting to my preference.

  19. Shakaria Bielefeld

    I like how these lights have multiple mounting options. I can choose to use screws or stick them with adhesive.

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