VAVSEA 6 knife set with knife sharpener, dishwasher safe

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(517 customer reviews)
【Sharp, Non-Stick, Anti-Rust】The black kitchen knife set adopts a unique anti-rust, anti-stick and anti-oxidation Teflon coating, which keeps the blade in the best condition and is extremely easy to clean, greatly extending the life of the knife.
【Dishwasher Safe】This kitchen knife set with knife block is dishwasher safe and easy to maintain. Great for storing after washing and drying. The surface has a high-grade anti-rust coating that won’t rust as easily as other kitchen knife sets, and won’t cause damage despite the high impact of the dishwasher.
【Complete Cooking Knife Set】Includes a variety of cutting knives suitable for various kitchen tasks.
【Comfortable anti-slip handle】The lines are completely ergonomic. Comfortable to hold. Even after long-term use, your hands will not feel any discomfort. In order to improve the safety of using the knife, we also designed additional anti-slip air holes on the knife handle to ensure safety when making delicious food. The stainless steel tail at the end of the handle is a beautiful finishing touch to the knife.
【Lifetime Warranty】Each set of knives is backed by excellent quality and undergoes strict quality inspection, we provide every customer with a lifetime warranty, please buy with confidence.




The black kitchen knife set features a unique anti-rust, anti-stick coating that keeps the blades in top condition and extremely easy to clean. This kitchen knife set with knife block is dishwasher safe and easy to maintain. The handle of the knife has a unique design.

517 reviews for VAVSEA 6 knife set with knife sharpener, dishwasher safe

  1. Mary E.

    I’ve used a lot of knives, but none of them have as comfortable a handle as this one. It’s a pleasure to use!

  2. Erin Mardis

    The combination of quantity and quality here is unmatched. I have knives for every occasion and they hold up really well over time.

  3. J. Pozak

    These knives are packed securely, leaving no room for any potential damage during shipping. This is a testament to the care that goes into the packaging process.

  4. Jennifer

    I’m so excited about my purchase! This set of 5 knives and the included sharpening stone exceeded my expectations. These knives are very sharp and have a nice texture. I can confidently say that this set has improved my cooking experience.

  5. Diann

    I’m really attracted to the design of this set of knives, the handle to blade connection is a standout feature. It’s a harmonious blend of design and functionality that makes working in the kitchen a pleasure.

  6. Michael

    These knives are characterized by low maintenance costs. A quick rinse and wipe and they’re back to their original condition.

  7. Micheal Bowen

    The quality of these knives is unmatched. I’ve used many brands, but this set goes above and beyond. The sharpening stone adds tremendous value and ensures longevity and consistent performance.

  8. User

    Besides being sharp, this set of knives adds a touch of style to my kitchen. It’s more than just a tool; it’s the embodiment of culinary skill.

  9. Essie Hood

    Cleaning up after a meal has never been easier. These knives are a dream to clean, and the easy-to-clean design is a testament to the thoughtfulness of their construction.

  10. Kathleen miller

    Using this knife feels like handling a piece of culinary art. The black and white spray dots are a touch of genius.

  11. Summer

    Buying these knives started my love for cooking. The handles are so comfortable and the whetstone is a great tool for keeping your knives in tip-top shape.

  12. Giovanna Eversole

    The whetstone is a standout feature in this set. Its convenience and ability to switch between fine and coarse sharpening is great.

  13. Maria Carrasco

    This set spoils me beyond anything else. The handles are so comfortable; I can’t imagine using anything less.

  14. Rebekah

    Cooking has become a pleasure with these knives. The set is fully functional and the whetstone is a clever inclusion. This is a purchase that brings fun and efficiency to the kitchen.

  15. Jessica Schipper

    The sharpness of these blades is exceptional and the ideal thickness ensures they stay sharp over time.

  16. Amanda Kasbarian

    The smooth surface makes wiping clean a pleasure. It’s a satisfying process and they look like new after every use.

  17. bnoland19

    I can’t imagine how affordable this 6-piece knife set is, and the addition of the unique sharpening stone makes it an unbeatable deal.

  18. Ashton

    As a long-time user, I can attest to the durability of these knives. They retain their sharpness and the handles remain comfortable to hold.

  19. B Spike

    The security tape seal on the box reassures me that the knife has not been tampered with. It¡¯s a small detail that builds trust in the overall product.

  20. OJ

    There is perfect harmony between blade and handle. It’s rare to find such a balanced design that not only looks great, but enhances the overall functionality of the knife.

  21. Linda Ging

    A comfortable handle makes all the difference with this knife, and this set can help make that happen. I think it¡¯s useful and recommend it to everyone!

  22. Adam Manning

    For such a low price, I was skeptical about the quality, but I was surprised by the durability and performance of this set of knives.

  23. Donna R.

    The non-stick coating on this knife makes cleaning easier, making it perfect for busy people like me. Efficient!

  24. Alejandra Hernandez

    With these knives in my hands, I feel like a professional chef. Outstanding quality and extraordinary sharpness. The versatility of this set, combined with the included sharpening stone, makes it a must-have for anyone who loves to cook.

  25. Emily Smeltzer

    The ergonomic design of the handle-to-blade connection is commendable. The designers clearly had user experience in mind, creating a suit that feels like a natural extension of the human hand.

  26. Laura T

    The handle is designed not just for aesthetics, but for practical comfort. Shooting has never been more enjoyable.

  27. Allison C.

    If you’re on the fence about price, don’t hesitate. A whetstone is an invaluable tool for keeping them sharp.

  28. Brittany wild

    These knives are a work of art. The precision of the cuts is unparalleled and the whetstone is a practical addition that sets this set apart from other knives.

  29. Caterpillar

    highly recommended! These knives quickly became an essential part of my kitchen. The build quality is very good and the blade stays sharp very well. I appreciate the durability and craftsmanship of this set.

  30. Stephanie Walsh

    These knives have become my kitchen companions. The sharp edges make every cooking task efficient, and the operating comfort is perfect for home cooks like me.

  31. Jodi0309

    Thanks to the ideal blade thickness, cutting with these knives feels like a breeze. Every slice is precise!

  32. Kelly Whitney

    I was impressed by the attention to detail in the hand knife design. The black with white spray dots is a winning combination.

  33. Helen Sacks

    The sharpener is a nice touch and the finishing touch that takes this set from good to great. I may be exaggerating a bit, but the sharpener on this one is very well designed.

  34. Maria Kenyon

    The variety of knives included in this set meet all my cooking needs. I highly recommend it to everyone

  35. Lisa West

    Easy to use even for beginners, it is a versatile tool for a variety of cooking needs. Beginner-friendly versatility!

  36. OT

    The level of innovation in handle design is evident. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a tool that feels like a natural extension of the chef’s hand.

  37. MF

    The handle design of this knife is very comfortable. I don¡¯t know what material it is made of, but it is very high-end. No more sore hands – just pure comfort!

  38. Caps

    I paid more for fewer knives, but the price and quality of this set are unbeatable, and the sharpening stone is a delightful addition.

  39. Moosegirl

    The technology behind the sharpness of this set of knives is truly cutting edge. This is a testament to how far kitchen tools have come in performance and design.

  40. L. S. Carter

    The handle design on this set is a revelation. No more sore hands – just a smooth, comfortable shooting experience.

  41. Cara Lavender

    As someone who loves to cook, I cannot stress enough how much these knives have enhanced my cooking experience. The sharp blade makes every cut smooth and precise.

  42. Cassie

    The simple design is refreshing and does not require complex functionality. Refreshing and practical! I highly recommend it to everyone!

  43. M. Johnson

    As a cooking enthusiast, I can confidently say these knives are a must-have. The variety in the set covers all my chopping needs, and the whetstone ensures they stay razor-sharp.

  44. Terry Barganski

    I appreciate the attention to detail in this set of knives. The blades are well made and the whetstone is a handy tool that keeps them sharp for a long time.

  45. Raleen Phillips

    I own quite a few knife sets, but the cleaning process is often a drawback. Not so with these, which make them stand out in my kitchen.

  46. Santasha Calhoun

    I am very impressed with the performance of these knives. They are sharp, balanced and come in a wide variety to suit all cutting needs. A whetstone is a great bonus that makes it easy to keep your knives in top quality.

  47. M. BEJINES

    I love the sharpness of these knives. It simplifies meal prep and the comfort of handling them is a thoughtful touch.

  48. Marisa Morales

    The handle design is not only comfortable, it’s a work of art. Props have never felt better in my hands!

  49. MH

    With these handles, shooting long distances is a breeze. Comfort is king and this set delivers on that!

  50. Pet Mom of 5

    I’ve recommended this knife set to all my friends – it’s affordable, great quality, and this sharpening stone is a real winner.

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