VAVSEA Bluetooth Smart APP Thermometer

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(298 customer reviews)
Remote monitoring, temperature and humidity charts and other functions. Our hygrometers are reliable and easy to use for homes, greenhouses and more.
UPGRADE DISPLAY: This indoor hygrometer features a 3-inch bright, large digital LCD display that is easy to read. Maximum/minimum temperature humidity records and comfort indicators (dry/comfortable/wet) let you know the indoor humidity at any time.
Smart App Alerts: You will receive instant alerts as soon as the temperature or humidity exceeds the preset range. Know the status of your bedroom, nursery, cellar, basement, nursery or other areas even when you’re not next to the device.
Free data storage: Make plans based on historical temperature and humidity data. The 20-day graph provides a clear trajectory of data changes. Keep track of your daily life.




Different levels of luxurious design, unlimited distance Wifi connection and more stable, stronger and more efficient updated Bluetooth 5.1 version connection will free our hands and save time. Comes with 4 meat probes, the probes can be used as ambient ports with clamps and to obtain ambient temperature at the oven port. The grill thermometer has a luxurious and outstanding design. The screen brightness can be adjusted through the APP, and the temperature data under sunlight is clear. The large LCD screen simultaneously displays meat probe readings, ambient/oven temperature, set temperature, and high/low temperature alarms. The built-in battery oven meat thermometer can last for at least 40 hours after being fully charged for 3.5 hours with Type C cable.

298 reviews for VAVSEA Bluetooth Smart APP Thermometer

  1. Katie

    The probe is rugged and reliable, delivering consistent results every time. This way I feel more comfortable using it.

  2. tyler egging

    Not only is the probe easy to clean, it’s also easy to operate and virtually foolproof. I appreciate the worry-free maintenance this thermometer offers.

  3. Texas gal

    After buying this thermometer, I no longer have to worry about constantly replacing thermometers, this thermometer is of great quality.

  4. Cocoavocado

    Purchasing this thermometer based on a friend’s recommendation was a wise decision and the 4 probe setup exceeded my expectations.

  5. Shiquanne Carnegie

    I love how versatile this thermometer is – whether I’m cooking steak, chicken, or roast, this thermometer has it all. So everyone can buy with confidence! !

  6. D. Diamond

    Save time I no longer have to stand over the oven with this trusty thermometer. I recommend this thermometer.

  7. Roberta Jones

    Cleaning this meat thermometer is easy, which is one of the reasons it’s become an indispensable tool in my kitchen.

  8. Elizabeth Parker

    As someone who has struggled with connectivity issues in the past, I can confidently say that this meat thermometer provides a consistently reliable Bluetooth connection. No dropped signals or interruptions.

  9. Nikkey

    This thermometer is truly impressive, with its unique design and versatility that makes it so versatile.

  10. Tamara Psaltis

    I bought this thermometer with hopes of an extended Bluetooth range, and it has far exceeded my expectations.

  11. Book Reader

    The probe is designed for easy operation and thorough cleaning, ensuring I don’t compromise on hygiene while cooking.

  12. Jessica Gorton

    The timer feature is a real lifesaver – I can set it and forget it because I know I’ll be reminded when my food is ready.

  13. Melissa Nash

    The price is reasonable and the investment is great for the quality and features it offers. Very good value for money.

  14. Trident Global Inc.

    The long-lasting battery life when using 4 probes is impressive and it remains reliable during long cooking sessions.

  15. Kara Dickson

    All 4 probes were so accurate that there was no need to guess whether my meat was cooked to perfection. Precision perfection with four probes ¨C no guesswork needed!

  16. emmanuel toral

    Accurate temperature readings from a distance? This thermometer delivers. I can be on the other side of the patio, and it still provides precise and real-time temperature updates.

  17. Shirley Godfrey

    From the first time I used it, it has become an essential tool in my kitchen and I now can’t imagine cooking without it.

  18. devin heller

    I appreciate the smart temperature recommendations the app provides. It takes the guesswork out of cooking and ensures I achieve perfect doneness every time.

  19. Sierra

    The extended range gives me peace of mind. Whether I’m gardening or doing housework, I can always rely on a thermometer to keep an eye on my grill. It’s like having a cooking assistant.

  20. Silliester

    The ergonomic design makes operating this thermometer a breeze – combining comfort with functionality.

  21. Tina McConnaughey

    Unlike some thermometers that require delicate cleaning, this thermometer’s probe can withstand a little scrubbing without losing functionality or appearance.

  22. Megpie

    I feel that versatility is the key factor that made this thermometer my choice. It is versatile and durable.

  23. Yelena P.

    The thermometer is small and lightweight, and its compact size makes it easy to store in my kitchen drawer, and it doesn’t take up much space at all. And easy to carry.

  24. Deborah

    Preset temperature settings add a thoughtful touch, further improving efficiency when using all 4 probes for a variety of dishes.

  25. RaShawn Merrill

    I purchased this thermometer based on a friend’s recommendation and I’m very happy with the 4 probe setup.

  26. Susan Might

    This thermometer is very resistant to stains and I also like the color. In short, you can buy it with confidence and it is a great value for money.

  27. prime lady

    The Bluetooth technology seamlessly integrates with the thermometer’s functionality. It’s user-friendly and enhances the overall grilling experience with its extended range.

  28. morgan goodrich

    The probe cleaning process is very simple and does not require any special tools or cleaners – just a basic rinse and wipe and it is ready for next use.

  29. V. P.

    The simplicity of the cleaning process is a standout feature, with no complicated disassembly or hard-to-reach areas where dirt accumulates.

  30. L.A. Phil

    The easy-to-read display is a plus, eliminating the need to squint or strain to check the temperature. Clarity in temperature readings makes cooking a breeze!

  31. jmh

    The battery life is impressive – it seems to last forever, making it reliable during long cooking sessions.

  32. Kash

    The user-friendly design extends to the 4-probe system – operation is very intuitive, even for those less familiar with advanced kitchen gadgets.

  33. Margo reilly

    The stainless steel surface on the probe not only adds to the aesthetics, but also makes cleaning a seamless process – a win-win.

  34. Jessie E. Bell

    The wide Bluetooth range isn’t just a one-time wonder. I’ve used this thermometer multiple times, and it consistently maintains a strong connection, making it a dependable tool for any grilling session.

  35. Sai

    The battery of this thermometer lasts forever, so you no longer have to worry about frequent replacement. I’ve been using it for a long time.

  36. mrluckey

    The intention behind the clean-friendly design is obvious ¨C the manufacturer clearly understands the importance of keeping kitchen tools clean.

  37. Brian Allen

    I’ve lost count of the hours of use, but the battery hasn’t lost its power – unparalleled durability.

  38. Andrea Perrault

    I was really impressed with the battery durability – it’s a gadget with a strong heart. I highly recommend.

  39. Cindy Hanson

    The durability of these probes is amazing, they have survived countless cooking sessions and still look and perform flawlessly.

  40. Janice Murray

    This thermometer takes my backyard grilling game to the next level. No more wandering around the grill; the extended Bluetooth range lets me connect from afar.

  41. Liz Shepherd

    This app for My Meat Thermometer has the most intuitive interface. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, navigating the features is a breeze, making the entire cooking process stress-free.

  42. Maria Woodrum

    I’m really impressed with this meat thermometer, it contains 4 probes, each set to a different color, it’s beautiful.

  43. janice M. Green

    Even for a non-tech-savvy person like me, this thermometer is easy to use, foolproof, and awesome. I highly recommend it!

  44. Bookish

    Lightweight and accurate, a winning combination for any home cook. Precision and portability ¨C a winning duo for culinary success!

  45. Amie Luster

    The ruggedness of the battery is unparalleled – it adds a layer of confidence to my everyday cooking.

  46. Rose

    Whether I’m cooking chicken, steak, or fish, the app easily adapts to different types of meat. Preset options and customizable settings make it a versatile tool for any home cook.

  47. Helen Davis

    The probe is designed for easy operation and thorough cleaning, ensuring hygiene while cooking is not compromised.

  48. Anusha Pandey

    Even after a messy grilling session, I find cleaning this thermometer is very easy¡ªa quick wipe and it¡¯s good as new.

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