VAVSEA dish rack – cup holder version with drainboard – large 2-tier dish rack with 17 plate slots, kitchen counter dish rack, metal dish drainer, with cutlery holder cup holder cutting board holder

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(496 customer reviews)
  • 2-TIER LARGE CAPACITY: The VAVSEA Kitchen Counter Utensil Drain Rack features a practical 2-tier design that allows you to store different types and sizes of kitchen utensils, such as bowls, plates, knives, wine glasses, kitchen pots and pans. This 2-tier dish drying rack is perfect for a family of 3-4 people.
  • Rust-proof material: The kitchen tableware drying rack is made of high-quality materials, durable enough for long-term use and will not rust or deform. Dish drying racks keep your countertops clean and tidy at all times.
  • Multifunctional Dish Rack: Multipurpose dish drying rack with drainer comes with multiple accessories including 4 cup holders, a cutting board holder, two drain trays and a utensil holder. They can effectively help you store various kitchen utensils. The dish drying rack can meet all your needs for storing and drying kitchen utensils.
  • Easy to install and clean: The dish drainer is easy to install and comes with an installation manual and accessories. Plus, with a waterproof black coating, the rack is easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe the rack with a damp cloth or rinse it under the tap after use.




Most similar dish racks on the market only have 10 plate slots. In addition to enlarging the bottom area for increased capacity, our plate rack is also designed with 17 plate slots to give you more storage options. The bottom of the dish rack is equipped with four non-slip feet to keep it stable and secure on the countertop, preventing scratches. The drain tray design of the kitchen counter dish rack eliminates the need to worry about water accumulation. This dish rack is coated with a high-adhesion anti-rust layer to ensure durability and long-lasting performance without worrying about rust. This product uses a modern snap-on installation method that requires no tools. Once you receive it, just follow the instructions to snap and connect the included accessories for easy and convenient use.

496 reviews for VAVSEA dish rack – cup holder version with drainboard – large 2-tier dish rack with 17 plate slots, kitchen counter dish rack, metal dish drainer, with cutlery holder cup holder cutting board holder

  1. Joshuas

    Highly recommend this dish rack! The quick and easy assembly process has simplified my kitchen chores in the best possible way.

  2. Karen

    Great value for money With its cost-effective price point, this dish rack is a valuable addition to any kitchen, providing a convenient and efficient solution for drying and organizing dishes without sacrificing quality or functionality.

  3. Santiago Benitez

    I love that this dish rack optimizes every inch to provide enough room for all my dishes and utensils.

  4. Natalia

    This dish rack makes my cluttered kitchen more organized and makes me feel better just looking at it. very satisfied.

  5. uss

    The drainage system is thoughtfully designed to prevent water accumulation and keep the kitchen clean and dry.

  6. Randall Evenson

    So glad I found this removable dish rack! It’s sturdy, compact, and fits perfectly into my limited counter space.

  7. Irma

    The secure placement of this dish rack ensures my delicate cups don’t get scratched. A must-have for anyone with delicate tableware!

  8. Bama Girl

    The simplicity and affordability of this dish rack make it an excellent choice for those looking to optimize their kitchen space without investing in an overly complex or expensive organizational system, demonstrating its practicality and accessibility to a wide range of consumers.

  9. Ani acosta

    The product’s smooth edges make it safer to use and handle. This dish rack is very cost-effective, high-quality and low-priced, and it is worth buying.

  10. brenda dolan

    This 2-tier dish rack has changed my kitchen experience with its large capacity and elegant design. The capacity is really large and meets my expectations.

  11. Gregory Humphrey

    I was amazed at how sturdy and stable this dish rack is, even when loaded with dishes. It’s so stable.

  12. Jack

    I can’t imagine my kitchen without this dish rack now! It’s so easy to assemble and makes my life so much easier. Love it!

  13. angelica roman

    This dish rack simplifies my daily kitchen storage tasks. It’s roomy, durable, and holds all my gear and accessories.

  14. Ileana M.

    The swivel feature of the cup holder setting was very useful and allowed me to easily pick up cups without having to readjust the dish rack or my position.

  15. Smith5

    This beautiful dish rack has become the focal point of my kitchen. Its elegant design is matched by its superior functionality.

  16. Heidi Thompson

    The sturdy construction of this 2-tier dish rack ensures stability, providing reliable and long-lasting support even when fully loaded with heavy-duty dishes and cookware.

  17. Tre

    This space saving dish rack is perfect for my small kitchen. It’s easy to clean and holds all my dishes with ease.

  18. Hugh Janus

    The cup holders of this dish rack are a thoughtful addition that add to its practicality. I’m very happy with this.

  19. lilo

    This dish rack is affordable and makes organizing dishes easy and efficient, allowing me to optimize my kitchen space without spending too much on unnecessary kitchen gadgets.

  20. Nike S

    Durable materials ensure this cup holder set is a long-term investment. It’s a reliable and valuable addition to any kitchen.

  21. Donna E

    I appreciate the thoughtful addition of extra hooks to hang plates and kitchen towels. The design of the cup holder is also very practical.

  22. L G

    This large capacity dish rack does have a lot of capacity! It’s perfect for my crowded kitchen. And it has become less crowded.

  23. Scott McLean

    Finally found a dish rack that fits perfectly into my limited counter space. It took me a long time to find this one.

  24. Stephanie Dennis

    This dish rack is a real space saver! It’s functional, efficient, and perfect for my limited kitchen area. Good quality and low price, worth buying.

  25. Stephanie0

    I’m so impressed with this dish rack! The ease of assembly and sturdy construction make it a great addition to my kitchen.

  26. P.R.

    This affordable dish rack offers an affordable proposition for those looking for a practical and easy way to keep their kitchen tidy and organized.

  27. Michell S

    I’m happy with a dish rack that doesn’t take up my counter space! The compact design fits nicely and couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

  28. Prime Members

    Despite frequent use, the scratch-resistant surface of this dish rack shows no signs of wear, maintaining its smooth texture and flawless appearance, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  29. ido

    I would recommend this dish rack, it has a heavy-duty metal frame that can hold up to 50 pounds, this dish rack is a must-have accessory for any kitchen, ensuring reliable and safe organization of dishes and utensils without Bent or damaged.

  30. Sophia

    The adjustability of the cup holder setup makes it incredibly versatile, allowing me to customize the space for specific cup sizes and quantities.

  31. Katrina Gorman

    The thoughtful cup holder setup on this dish rack makes my dishwashing experience more efficient and enjoyable.

  32. NGM

    The innovative design of the drip tray prevents any leaks or spills, keeping my kitchen counters always dry and clean.

  33. Elisa D

    The elegant look of this dish rack adds a touch of sophistication to my kitchen, making it a focal point and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.

  34. Torie Galloway

    This dish rack is very stable and provides a reliable base for all my dishes and utensils. It’s very stable and I feel comfortable using it.

  35. Erik Lutz

    This 2-tier dish rack features an anti-fingerprint finish that won’t show any fingerprints or smudges, simplifying maintenance and ensuring an elegant, spotless appearance.

  36. Vick

    This easy-to-use dish rack provides a practical and affordable way to manage dishes, allowing users to maintain a clean and well-organized kitchen space without the need for complicated or expensive kitchen accessories. I love so much.

  37. Griz

    This shelf is very useful, really not bad! It’s spacious, efficient and perfect for my busy kitchen needs.

  38. Miki Rose

    I wanted to make the most of my kitchen space, so I chose this 2-tier dish rack, which I find very durable.

  39. Rajat Gupta

    I am completely smitten with the beauty of this dish rack. The design is high-end and adds a luxurious feel to my kitchen.

  40. z9

    The lower level is spacious and can easily accommodate a variety of kitchen items, from plates to bowls, providing a comprehensive tableware storage solution.

  41. Lauren Elliott

    It’s amazing how easy this dish rack was to put together. Installing it was a breeze, no hassle, and it looks great in my kitchen!

  42. PerditaXDream

    The lower level is spacious and can accommodate many bowls, cups and other items, and the upper level can hold plates and has a large capacity.

  43. tsh0912

    The thoughtful addition of a cup holder setting enhances the functionality of this dish rack, making it a must-have for anyone looking for a practical and organized kitchen solution.

  44. Sherall Greer

    The safe and stable placement provided by the cup holder setup gives me peace of mind knowing that my cups are safe and protected while drying on this dish rack.

  45. Nenny

    Ergonomically designed handles and trays make this dish rack easy to handle and transport, providing a convenient and comfortable user experience.

  46. Christopher

    Finally found a dish rack that I can easily clean and sanitize! This rack has changed my kitchen cleaning habits!

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