VAVSEA Lightweight Swimming Vest for Kids with Adjustable Safety Buckle with Dual Air Chamber & Adjustable Safety Buckle for Boys & Girls 3-12 Years Old

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There are three separate inflatable airbags with air holes,in case one of then leakage,other two airbags could be still normal use, it is safe design and suitable for 3-6 years old children, the circumference is about 22-26 inches, you can adjust loose or tight by gasing. It is weighing up to 120 pounds.
Non-toxic environmental protection of PVC material,thickening made to long time use.
We suggestion gasing 70% air when using it,no need 100% gasing. If want to store away, just outgoing gas and fold up, it like a book when fold up ,easy to carry.
Temperature is low in winter,PVC material easy become hard and crisp,Please put it in warm water about 15 minites before gasing air.Otherwise it is easy to cracking



1、Polyvinyl chloride Imported Safe & comfortable design: VAVSEA inflatable swimming vest features a U-shaped design for children, which allows for greater arm movement while keeping their head above water, helping beginners gain confidence.

2、Dual air chamber: With 2 inflatable air chambers and 2 airtight valves, the swimming vest ensures superior buoyancy and safety for young swimmers.

3、Durable & eco-friendly materials: Made from thickened PVC material, our swimming vest is built to last and is environmentally friendly.

4、Adjustable for the perfect fit: The inflatable swimming vest is suitable for children aged 3-12, boys and girls, and can support weights ranging from 30-90 lbs. The adjustable safety buckle allows for a perfect fit body shape.

5、Convenient and portable: When deflated, the swimming vest is thin and compact, making it easy to pack and store for travel.

6、 ATTENTION: This is NOT a life-saving device and should always be used under adult supervision.

299 reviews for VAVSEA Lightweight Swimming Vest for Kids with Adjustable Safety Buckle with Dual Air Chamber & Adjustable Safety Buckle for Boys & Girls 3-12 Years Old

  1. Alyssa

    This inflatable life jacket is designed to provide maximum comfort for girls. The padded collar and ergonomic shape allow for a comfortable and secure fit.

  2. Noah

    Safety is my top priority when it comes to water activities with my little one. This inflatable life jacket gives me peace of mind with its reliable design and secure fit.

  3. Joseph

    I appreciate that this life jacket is inflatable, which makes it easy to pack and take with us on trips.

  4. Jesse

    The quick-release buckles on this inflatable life jacket make it effortless to put on and take off. It’s hassle-free for both parents and kids.

  5. Hardy

    The safety buckle on this inflatable life jacket is secure and easy to use. I can trust that it won’t come undone while my daughter is swimming.

  6. Madeline

    Safety is my top priority, and this inflatable life jacket gives me peace of mind when my daughter is swimming or playing in the water.

  7. Angus

    The high-quality materials used in this life jacket make it resistant to tears and punctures. It’s built to withstand rough use.

  8. Jackson

    Inflating and deflating is a breeze, and it dries quickly, making it perfect for our water adventures.

  9. Hank

    I appreciate the attention to detail in the design of this inflatable life jacket. It’s both functional and fashionable, appealing to girls of all ages.

  10. Yamileth

    We can’t imagine our grandkids’ water adventures without these inflatable life jackets. They provide the necessary protection and peace of mind that every grandparent desires.

  11. Clara

    As parents, safety is our top priority, and these inflatable life jackets exceed our expectations. They are reliable, durable, and offer great comfort for our children.

  12. Lisa

    My child finds this life jacket comfortable to wear for extended periods. It doesn’t cause any discomfort or irritation.

  13. Taylor

    The design of this life jacket ensures that it doesn’t restrict movement, allowing kids to swim freely and comfortably.

  14. Mia

    The adjustable buckle system on this life jacket is simple yet effective. It’s easy to secure and provides a customized fit for my growing child.

  15. Hardin

    Thanks for such a great product!

  16. Andrew

    This life jacket is very buoyant and keeps my child afloat without any effort on their part.

  17. Vern

    The vibrant colors and cute design make it appealing to little ones.

  18. Nevaeh

    The ease of use of these inflatable life jackets is a huge plus for us as parents. We can quickly and securely fit them on our kids, saving time and hassle.

  19. Christian

    It’s easy to spot him in a crowded pool or beach.

  20. Yaneli

    These inflatable life jackets have surpassed our expectations in terms of comfort. Our grandkids can wear them for hours without any discomfort or complaints.

  21. Harrison

    Overall, this life jacket is an excellent choice for parents looking for a safe and comfortable option for their children.

  22. Xander

    This life jacket is adjustable, so it can grow with your child. It’s a great investment that will last for years.

  23. Olivia

    I love the vibrant colors and fun design of this inflatable life jacket. My child enjoys wearing it and feels confident in the water.

  24. George

    We love the compact and lightweight nature of these inflatable life jackets. They are easy to carry and store, making them perfect for any outing.

  25. Sophie

    The bright and vibrant colors of this inflatable life jacket make it easy to spot my son in the water, giving me peace of mind.

  26. Carter

    The design of this life jacket is adorable and appealing to kids. My child loves wearing it, which makes water activities more enjoyable for both of us.

  27. Wayne

    I was looking for a life jacket that would fit my toddler comfortably, and this one exceeded my expectations.

  28. Quinn

    I was very happy with the quick shipping and delivery of this inflatable life jacket. It arrived in perfect condition.

  29. Brandon

    We are impressed by the quality of these inflatable life jackets. They are made with durable materials that can withstand the rigors of water play.

  30. Isaac

    This inflatable life jacket is perfect for young children who are learning how to swim. It provides great support and gives parents peace of mind.

  31. Isabella

    The quality of this inflatable life jacket is outstanding. It’s durable, well-made, and shows no signs of wear even after frequent use.

  32. Thomas

    The material of this inflatable life jacket is soft and doesn’t irritate my daughter’s skin, even after wearing it for extended periods.

  33. Edmund

    The sturdy construction of this life jacket gives me confidence that it will hold up well over time, even with frequent use.

  34. Aurora

    The design of this life jacket allows for a wide range of motion, giving my child the freedom to move and swim comfortably.

  35. Marks

    The inflation valve on this life jacket is easy to use and doesn’t require any special tools.

  36. Wesley

    This inflatable life jacket has become an essential part of our family outings. It gives us peace of mind and allows our kids to enjoy the water safely.

  37. Bryan

    I feel confident with my son wearing it.

  38. Timothy

    I bought this life jacket for my son, who is a beginner swimmer.

  39. Traylor

    My daughter loves this swimsuit, especially the wings on the back.

  40. Hailey

    I’m impressed by the durability of this inflatable life jacket. It has withstood rough play and countless water adventures without any signs of wear.

  41. Samly

    The bright and vibrant design of this life jacket makes it fun and attractive for kids. They love wearing it!

  42. Cary

    The bright color and reflective accents of this life jacket make it highly visible from a distance, increasing safety in crowded areas.

  43. Makayla

    This inflatable life jacket provides the right amount of support for my daughter in the water. It boosts her confidence and helps her swim better.

  44. Elijah

    The adjustable straps ensure a snug fit, and the soft material doesn’t irritate her skin.

  45. Allison

    The inflatable life jacket is a game-changer for my family’s beach trips. It’s compact and easy to pack, and my kids can wear it comfortably while playing in the water.

  46. Henry

    I’ve tried other life jackets before, but this one stands out with its excellent fit. It hugs my child’s body without feeling overly tight or restrictive.

  47. Jasmine

    These inflatable life jackets offer excellent buoyancy and support for our grandkids. It’s great to see them enjoy swimming and water play with confidence.

  48. Lillian

    The adjustable waist belt on this inflatable life jacket ensures a snug fit for my daughter, preventing it from riding up or shifting in the water.

  49. Dominic

    The design of this inflatable life jacket for girls is adorable. The vibrant colors and patterns make it visually appealing and fun to wear.

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