VAVSEA Travel Electric Kettle Portable Small Mini Tea Coffee Kettle Water Boiler with 8 Temperature Control, 304 Stainless Steel with Auto Shut-Off & Boil Dry Protection, BPA-Free (White)

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Travel-Friendly Mini Kettle – Discover the ultimate travel companion in VAVSEA compact 350ml/11.8 oz kettle. Weighing just 1.1 pounds and measuring 9 inches, its hidden handle and leak-proof design make it perfect for business trips, office work, or leisure getaways. Slip it into your bag worry-free and enjoy your favorite beverages on the go.
Intelligent Temperature Control – Say goodbye to guessing games with our kettle’s smart 4 preset temperature modes, ranging from 212°F to 113°F. The HD LCD screen allows effortless adjustments. An accurate temperature display ensures that your water is always just right for your tea or coffee, wherever you are.
Quick Heat, Safe Shutdown – Save time with our 300w travel kettle that boils water in just 5-7 minutes. The built-in heating temperature controller guarantees automatic shut-off once the water reaches a boil. Travel confidently knowing that our efficient and secure design keeps you from worrying about burnt water makers.
Stay Warm, Stay Safe – Our small electric kettle combines double-walled PP insulation with 100% BPA-free 304 stainless steel for heat retention without overheating. A vent on the lid prevents pressure buildup. Boil water safely without fear of burns. Experience the joy of healthy drinking water anytime, anywhere.
Stable & Easy Care – The non-slip, wear-resistant bottom ensures stability while protecting surfaces. Cleaning is hassle-free with the 3.15-inch wide mouth. Any questions? We’ve got you covered. Contact us, and we’ll handle your concerns promptly. Elevate your travel experience with VAVSEA portable electric kettle.



Tired of unreliable travel kettles that spill and take forever to heat up? Introducing VAVSEA Travel-Friendly Mini Kettle – your solution to hassle-free beverage enjoyment on the go. Weighing only 1.1 pounds and fitting snugly into your bag, this compact 350ml/11.8 oz kettle boasts a hidden handle and leak-proof design, making it a perfect companion for business trips, work, or leisure escapes. With Intelligent Temperature Control offering 4 preset modes, an HD LCD screen, and quick 5-7 minute heating, you’ll never miss your desired water temperature again. Plus, rest easy with the auto shut-off feature and dual-layer insulation for safety and warmth. Say goodbye to cumbersome travel experiences and hello to VAVSEA’s efficient and reliable portable electric kettle – your passport to refreshment, anywhere, anytime.

210 reviews for VAVSEA Travel Electric Kettle Portable Small Mini Tea Coffee Kettle Water Boiler with 8 Temperature Control, 304 Stainless Steel with Auto Shut-Off & Boil Dry Protection, BPA-Free (White)

  1. S Otter

    The perfect travel companion for a tea enthusiast like me. The temperature control ensures a consistent and satisfying brew every time.

  2. edIs osmanovIc

    Customized brewing at its finest. The 8 temperature settings on this kettle allow me to experiment with different flavors and aromas in my tea.

  3. Deborah Roop

    From the office to my travels, this kettle is a constant companion. The temperature control ensures I can enjoy my tea anywhere, anytime.

  4. Bev

    This mini kettle has made my tea time more enjoyable. The temperature control guarantees a perfect brew, and the design is sleek and modern.

  5. Joanne CarpentIer

    The perfect cup, every time. The temperature control on this kettle guarantees that my tea is always at the ideal temperature for maximum enjoyment.

  6. katIna burnett

    A guardian of flavor, preserving the essence of different teas through precise heating.

  7. Your HIghness

    My kitchen is a reflection of my style, and the sleek stainless steel design of this kettle fits in seamlessly. The temperature control is a bonus.

  8. BIll A BlessIng

    Compact and portable, a reliable companion whether you’re at home or on the move.

  9. ArJuna RavIkumar

    Guarantees a consistent brewing experience, resulting in flavorful teas every time.

  10. revIt

    I can’t believe I lived without this mini kettle. The temperature control ensures my tea is always perfect, and the compact size is ideal for my small kitchen.

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