The vacuum sealer machine is an essential tool in any home kitchen. More and more people prefer vacuum sealer machine to store food, which will make cooking, meal prep easier, reduce food waste. Not only save your time and money, but enhance the taste of your dishes by using our vacuum sealer. VAVSEA’s food vacuum sealer only takes 5-8 seconds to complete the food vacuum sealing. Keeps food fresh 10X longer than normal storage methods. The perfect solution to keep food fresher and longer. Reduce your food bills and wasted leftovers with our vacuum sealer. Your favorite foods will keep for up to 3 years after sealing and freezing them. Our food vacuum sealer adopts fully automatic one-button sealing machine operation, LED indicator light, hands-free design. It has 5 temperature modes to seal dry and wet food. 1-3 for dry food and 4-5 for wet food. Suitable for steak, meat, seafood, shrimp, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, bread, jars, etc. Meet all your needs. The compact size and lightweight design are ideal for beginners, especially the elderly and children. Become a good partner in your home kitchen.