VAVSEA 6 knife set with knife sharpener, dishwasher safe

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【Sharp, Non-Stick, Anti-Rust】The black kitchen knife set adopts a unique anti-rust, anti-stick and anti-oxidation Teflon coating, which keeps the blade in the best condition and is extremely easy to clean, greatly extending the life of the knife.
【Dishwasher Safe】This kitchen knife set with knife block is dishwasher safe and easy to maintain. Great for storing after washing and drying. The surface has a high-grade anti-rust coating that won’t rust as easily as other kitchen knife sets, and won’t cause damage despite the high impact of the dishwasher.
【Complete Cooking Knife Set】Includes a variety of cutting knives suitable for various kitchen tasks.
【Comfortable anti-slip handle】The lines are completely ergonomic. Comfortable to hold. Even after long-term use, your hands will not feel any discomfort. In order to improve the safety of using the knife, we also designed additional anti-slip air holes on the knife handle to ensure safety when making delicious food. The stainless steel tail at the end of the handle is a beautiful finishing touch to the knife.
【Lifetime Warranty】Each set of knives is backed by excellent quality and undergoes strict quality inspection, we provide every customer with a lifetime warranty, please buy with confidence.




The black kitchen knife set features a unique anti-rust, anti-stick coating that keeps the blades in top condition and extremely easy to clean. This kitchen knife set with knife block is dishwasher safe and easy to maintain. The handle of the knife has a unique design.

517 reviews for VAVSEA 6 knife set with knife sharpener, dishwasher safe

  1. Hawaiianbaby1

    I appreciate how affordable this set is; it’s perfect for those who want high-quality knives without spending a lot of money, and the sharpening stone is a plus.

  2. Holly

    A safety buckle on the box ensures it remains closed during shipping. It¡¯s a small detail that adds to the overall professionalism of the packaging.

  3. Liz Thomas

    I’m not one to write reviews, but this set of knives deserves praise. The knives are excellent and the whetstone feels thoughtful. Cooking has never been more enjoyable.

  4. debi lackey

    I can’t help but admire the engineering behind the handle-to-blade connection. Not only is it seamless, it’s flawless. It improves the overall performance of the knife, making it an indispensable tool in any kitchen.

  5. Lindsay Ott

    If you prioritize comfort in the kitchen, these knives are a must-have. The handles feel perfect in your hand, and the whetstone is a valuable accessory for keeping your knives sharp.

  6. DogDad

    The people who designed these handles really understand the human body. These knives fit naturally into my hand, making chopping and slicing a pleasure rather than a chore.

  7. M.

    I love this set of knives and it doesn’t make cleaning a chore. The knives are easy to clean and maintenance is as simple as wiping them down. Love it!

  8. J. E. Wolfe

    Exquisite craftsmanship is evident in every knife. From slicing to dicing, these knives make meal prep a breeze. The whetstone is a thoughtful addition to ensure they stay in tip-top shape.

  9. jnet

    Kudos to the designers for getting the blade thickness just right. It makes a noticeable difference in performance.

  10. Kata Miklos

    Using this knife is a sensory experience. The black and white spray dot design is the perfect balance of beauty and functionality.

  11. Librarymomma

    Improve hand comfort with this knife set. A good quality knife is still much more comfortable to use. I didn¡¯t know that before I used this one.

  12. Becca M

    I’m not a chef, but these knives make me feel like one. The clarity is impressive, and the design makes them comfortable to use for long periods of time.

  13. Maureen Fowles

    I am very happy with this purchase, these knife handles are very comfortable. I recommend it. Great value for money!

  14. Ivy

    The sharpener is a highlight of this set. Its convenience and versatility make it a must-have for any kitchen.

  15. Sam

    These knives are very comfortable to hold. The ergonomic design ensures a secure grip, making cutting and felling tasks more comfortable.

  16. Matt Roberts

    I’ve bought expensive knife sets in the past, but this affordable knife set with a sharpening stone has become a favorite of mine. Good value for money.

  17. M. Lockard

    This knife set exceeded my expectations. The quality is evident and the sharpening stone is an excellent addition. This is a set that combines functionality with durability.

  18. Michaelene P.

    I am really satisfied with the handle design of this set of props ¨C my hands will not feel tired even after long training!

  19. Jen K

    This 6-piece knife set has changed my kitchen habits. The clarity is excellent, making meal preparation faster, and the comfort of use is a welcome bonus.

  20. chelsey

    As a shopper on a budget, finding this knife with a whetstone is a real hit. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

  21. Moody

    Slicing vegetables, fruits and meats has never been easier. This knife glides through everything effortlessly, saving me time and energy in the kitchen.

  22. Janie

    Affordable, high-quality knife that comes with an extra sharpening stone? Count me in! This set has exceeded all my expectations.

  23. Jamie

    The design of the box is thoughtful and reflects the quality of the knife inside. It’s obvious that attention to detail goes into both the product and its packaging.

  24. Krystle

    When people say good things come in sixes, they are definitely talking about this knife set. Quality, quantity and price all in one package.

  25. Jennifer F.

    The thickness of the blades is a testament to the quality of this set. It’s better than any blade I’ve ever used before.

  26. ll

    The handle design of this set is like a hug for my hands. Shooting for hours on end is now a comfortable experience.

  27. Dana Lindberg

    The connection between the handle and the blade is a masterpiece of design. It enhances the overall usability of the knives and makes using them a pleasure. It’s clear that every detail has been considered when creating a set of products that exceeds expectations.

  28. Ginny

    The convenience of the whetstone is a real highlight. It¡¯s the finishing touch that ensures my knives are always in tip-top shape.

  29. Kathy

    With these handles, I have achieved knife nirvana. The comfort they provide enhances the entire cooking experience, turning the mundane task of chopping into a cooking pleasure.

  30. Luke O

    The blades are extremely sharp and the variety of knives is perfect for any kitchen task. The sharpening stone is a thoughtful addition that ensures these knives will remain a staple in my kitchen for years to come.

  31. Jessalyn Arroyo

    The last thing I want to do after cooking is spend a long time cleaning my knives. With this set, that’s not a problem – the easy-to-clean design ensures a quick and efficient cleanup process.

  32. C Mckenzie

    The packaging is a thoughtful recognition of the brand¡¯s dedication to quality; it¡¯s clear that every element has been carefully chosen to convey a sense of luxury.

  33. Jack Frost

    I didn¡¯t realize how much I needed a good whetstone until I started using this one. It¡¯s the perfect finishing touch to the set.

  34. Megan M

    For those with sensitive hands, these handles are a boon. They are gentle on your hands without compromising the sturdiness needed for efficient cutting.

  35. agatha christie

    As someone who loves to cook, I invest in quality kitchen tools and this set exceeded my expectations. The knives are well balanced for excellent control, and the whetstone ensures they stay sharp. A must-have for any home cook.

  36. Dawn W.

    The seamless integration of the handle and blade is a design triumph. Clearly the creators of this set of knives went to great lengths to ensure that every aspect, especially the connection between form and function, was carefully considered.

  37. Jennifer Beasley

    The thickness of this set of blades is like having a chef’s secret weapon in my own kitchen. Every cut is a masterpiece.

  38. W. Frazier

    This set of knives is fun to use and can tackle a variety of kitchen tasks with ease. Delightful feature!

  39. Jessi P

    Non-stick coated blades make cleaning a pleasure – no need to over-scrub, just wipe and store. convenient!

  40. chris

    The craftsmanship of these knives is impressive. They can cut through everything from fruit to tough meats with ease. Whetstones are very practical and ensure that your knives stay in top condition. I recommend this set to anyone who needs reliable kitchen tools.

  41. Joy

    Small but powerful ¨C a reliable companion for a variety of cutting tasks in the kitchen. A trustworthy companion!

  42. Alicia Breznai

    These knives have made my daily kitchen routine so much smoother. The easy-to-clean design is a standout feature, and it’s obvious the creators considered practicality in their construction.

  43. lisa

    Comfort is often sacrificed for functionality, but not with this set. The handle design is a win-win.

  44. Mermi

    Support for designers indeed! These handles are a masterpiece of comfort and functionality. I absolutely love the handle of this knife.

  45. Dwight

    I was impressed with the thoughtful design of this knife set, especially the way the handle is integrated with the blade. It embodies a commitment to quality and user satisfaction that is truly commendable.

  46. Zoya

    Cooking has never been so enjoyable! This set of knives adds precision and efficiency to my daily kitchen tasks. The sharpness of the blade is excellent and the knife feels solid in the hand. The whetstone is a valuable bonus and makes maintenance easy.

  47. Noelle

    These knives are a chef’s dream. The set is comprehensive and the whetstone is a thoughtful addition. It’s a combination of quality, functionality and durability.

  48. Short one

    Cooking has become a pleasure since I got this set of knives. The variety is great for all cutting needs and the whetstone keeps them looking like new. Highly recommended!

  49. M.Burchfield

    I would say if comfort had a name it would be these handles. Using this knife set is a joy for my hands!

  50. Alyssa Lindburg

    Simple, compact, and efficient, this knife has become a workhorse in my kitchen. This is a trustworthy workhorse!

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