VAVSEA Candle Warmer Lamp with Dimmer, Electric Candle Warmer

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【Ideal Home Decoration】 The design of this candle warmer lamp mainly consists of a base, metal body, and vintage glass shade, making it suitable for all sizes of jar candles. It combines a table candle lamp warmer and aromatherapy, making it a perfect addition to modern and sophisticated bedroom decor, as well as living room decor.
【Adjustable Height and Convenience】 Our candle lamps feature adjustable height functionality, allowing you to easily adjust the candle’s height based on different spaces and needs, ensuring the optimal visual effect and user experience. The electric candle warmer melts candles and wax from the top down, using a  halogen bulb for fast and efficient fragrance distribution.
【Timer and Dimming Options】 Candle warmer lamp with timer and dimming functions to meet your personalized needs. You can choose from 2H/4H/8H timer settings, as well as four different dimming options, allowing you to adjust the light’s brightness for various occasions and moods.
【Safety and Environmental Friendliness】 We prioritize safety and environmental friendliness. Our candle warmer lamp for jar candles eliminates the fire hazards associated with open flames. Moreover, the lamp candle warmer uses low-energy heating bulbs, which reduces energy consumption and produces no smoke or waste, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
【Ideal for Holiday Gifting】 The Candle Warming Lamp Package includes one wax melting lamp and two halogen bulbs. Our candle wax warmer makes a perfect gift for various holidays. Whether for family, gifts for women, gifts for mom, Valentines Day Decorations, friends, or colleagues, you can offer it as a thoughtful gesture for special occasions, bringing warmth and joy to their pleasurable moments.




VAVSEA Candle Warmer Lamp with Dimmer, Electric Candle Warmer


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